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ws-caf-implement message

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Subject: Restart discussion on the demo

Hi all


After our holidays (they were quite long for me Ha Ha!), let’s restart discussion on the demo.

At the last f2f we have succeed to show an interoperable demo but we have used ws-context implementation based on previous version. In order to correctly progress on WS-CF then WS-TXM, we should change our respective implementations to be compliant with the last WS-CTX specification (in particular the addressing mechanism. Note we have not used the concept of ALS).

In the demo application we have considered only the pass-by-value feature; to promulgate the benefit of the WS-CTX, we should also enhance the demo with the by-reference feature.

The next steps I can see are:


- Re-test the demo application with the new ws-context implementation

We should define an addressing protocol and attempt to provide a context-by-reference feature.

Once done, I think we could publish a public url to play with the demo.


- Start discussion on the way to define use WS-CF. .

Originally we have considered the concept of warehouse able to provide an item requesting by a retailer. In case of failure to produce such item we have considered a protocol triggered by a warehouse to inform other warehouses. We have not considered warehouses in our demo which make it quite simple and now difficult to imagine a particular protocol.

Any idea, suggestions are welcome!




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