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ws-caf-implement message

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Subject: Re: [ws-caf-implement] Implementation participants

Hiya Gary.

Tully, Gary wrote:
> I will drive the IONA participation.
> I guess it is all about realistic milestones and deadlines, the first of which
> we have :-)
> Are we targeting any conferences or meetings?

I think our deadline should be the next f2f, June 30th/July 1st.  That's just over seven weeks away so we should be able to get context finished by then.

The current plan is to have a Committee Specification of Context by the end of this month.  I believe the only major changes to the current Committee Draft are the clarification of the fault model and the removal of context element.  We will need to define our own extension of this specification so that we can specify the header element :-)

I think we have a couple of weeks grace before we have to start in earnest, but we should use this time to get agreement from all interested parties.  I would certainly like to have some dialog going within the next week, via concall, im or any other means agreeable.


Kevin Conner
Arjuna Technologies Ltd.

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