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ws-caf message

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Subject: Draft Minutes, Dec 15 Call

Please post any necessary corrections to the list.

Pete Wenzel <pete@seebeyond.com>
Senior Architect, SeeBeyond
Standards & Product Strategy
+1-626-471-6311 (US-Pacific)
OASIS WS-CAF TC Conference Call, December 15, 2003.
Minutes taken by Pete Wenzel.

Roll Call
[Attendance list to be provided by chairs.]

1. F2F minutes approval
Krishna: A correction was sent to Martin, but corrected minutes were
not posted.

Motion to approve, with amendment that Krishna be added to attendance list.
Seconded by Malik.
Passed without objection.

2. Action Point Review

   ACTION: Martin to put FAQ on agenda for approval.
Remains open.

   ACTION: Mark to post FAQ from initial collaborators to the group
In process; remains open.

   ACTION: Martin and Eric to post IPR info on link on web page.
Mark updated TC description to include RF and objectives.
In process; remains open.

NEW ACTION ITEM: Eric to send IP info to Jamie for posting.

   ACTION: Mark to review the BPEL issues process and look at potential
   tools and bring back a proposal to the group
Closed; see email:

   ACTION: Greg to write a proposal on a web service
   addressing/referencing scheme.
In process; remains open.

   ACTION: Jean Jacques to confirm F2F hosting in Paris Feb 25-27 2004

   ACTION: Jeff to confirm F2F hosting in Redwood Shores May 11-13 2004

   ACTION: Chairs to setup Implementation subgroup and invite
In process; remains open.  Must be requested from Jamie.
Jamie notes that people must sign on to the subgroup, or they will not
see the mail traffic posted to its list.

   ACTION: Malik to propose a charter and set of deliverables for the
   implementations sub-group.
In process; remains open.

3. Report back from BPEL
Martin presented WS-CAF, and found some interest, especially in
Coordination and Context.  Otherwise, there was not much discussion.
Choreology has open issues; a Microsoft representative proposed that
the next version of BPEL not reference other coordination & transaction
specs that are not close to standardization.

Eric: Bill Gates stated the WS-C&T specs will be submitted to a standards
organization by the end of next year.

Alastair: Made it clear in proposal that a choice between transaction
protocols need not be made.  The issue has to do with syntax, not the
reference to C&T, which is in a non-normative appendix.

Martin: Nothing precludes us from proposing BPEL extensions, such as
transaction demarcation.

4. Issue Process Update
Mark: Setting up a Bugzilla site.  Should be ready by Jan 5.
Proposed a categorization scheme in Dec 11 email:
Each document (Primer, WS-CTX, WS-CF, WS-TXM) is a Bugzilla "product",
and there are separate issue categories for each.

Jeff: Categories may be too narrow; collapse text & diagrams into one.

Martin: Also combine interoperability & implementation.

Mark: Accept these amendments; will update the system prior to rollout.

5. Implementation team Update
Malik: Group has just formed.  There is some interest in providing a C++
Martin: Post announcement of first meeting to the general list, not just
the subgroup.  At least 3 companies have shown interest.  Plan is to have
both C++ and Java implementations; more if anyone wants to contribute.

6. Guy's Patent issue - implications on the group.
Jamie: Guy's email contains everything necessary.  This disclosure will be
posted to the WS-CAF TC's IPR page without comment from OASIS or the TC.
When people vote on accepting work, they will need to be satisfied that it
conforms with the charter, which specifies Royalty-Free output.  So if
it is determined that there is overlap, they will want to take that
into consideration.

Eric: Why are possibly unfounded claims posted on the TC page?  This makes
them appear to have been published by the TC, rather than by OASIS.

Jamie: OASIS does not determine relevance, due to liability.  All known
disclosures are posted.

Alastair: In favor of having as much information available as possible,
for users of the specs to make informed decisions.  Understand that
members are not obliged to make disclosures except within the context
of an actual contribution.

Jamie: Correct; OASIS encourages, but does not require, members to
disclose known encumberances related to OASIS specifications, even if
not connected with a contribution.

Martin: Individuals are encouraged to seek legal counsel to make decisions
based upon any claims made.

7. Discussion on issues (open floor if time remains)
Martin: Any urgent issues to discuss from F2F?

Eric: Several examples were sent to mailing list.

Krishna: Will post a new use case scenario.

Alastair: What is the difference between context and a directory service?

Eric: Various IDs, security info, user data, etc. are managed/assigned
by the OS, not by the application.  WS-CTX is intended to collect and
reference all necessary info.  Directories don't tend to deal with this
type of data.

Martin: Directories manage long-lived data, whereas CTX may exist only
during the lifetime of a transaction instance.

Jeff: It can be good to question fundamental principles, but this must
be done within the range of the charter, which will probably not change

Martin: We have a process: Formally raise an issue, propose resolutions,
debate, then vote.

The next meeting is scheduled for Jan 5, 2004.

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