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Subject: Implementation group update

Let’s first wish you all the best for this New Year.


Sorry for today I can’t participate to the con call meeting.


Because the Christmas holidays, the update is quite short but I can give the following points:

1) Simeon has sent a draft describing the demo application, which is (or is mainly based on) the application demonstrated by the WS-I named “The Supply Chain Management (SCM) Application”.

 A discussion will occur these next days to determine how this application could be used in the context of WS-CAF, (if not other application proposed).

2) A second that has been discussed is the possibility to have a common repository where we could store WSDL files, specs, test cases etc… This could be sourceforge/cvs for that.

Until the demo application has not been yet specified, this issue will be discussed later according to the roles assigned for Implementers (a member will implement a part of the application or a model/definition is defined and each member will code against, the language chosen by a member, etc.)


Best Regards




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