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Subject: RE: [ws-caf] proposed resolution for issues 1-11

What is the current process for applying these fixes?  Is there a central
repository (CVS) for WSDL and Schema files?  I think there should be two
locations for the WSDL and Schema files: a development repository and a
distribution repository.  The development repository should be CVS or
something like it where only editors have write access to the files.  Other
members have read access at least.  The distribution repository could be on
the OASIS site.  This is central location for "blessed" versions of the
files.  A process can also be put in place for approving the moving of files
from CVS to the OASIS site.
I believe we need a system like this in place first so that fixes, issues,
updates can be better coordinated.  I especially think that the members of
the editors group that was formed in the last F2F should hold a meeting
about this process soon.  I'm quite willing to host the call if the other
members of this group can supply a time.


-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Little [mailto:mark.little@arjuna.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 10:38 AM
To: ws-caf
Subject: [ws-caf] proposed resolution for issues 1-11

Although I think in general we should probably have one email per issue
resolution, some of the initial issues are fairly trivial to fix (I
believe), so I'll include them in a single email here.

Issue 1: add the soap namespace
Issue 2: change TimoutOutOfRangeMessage to TimeoutOutOfRangeMessage
Issue 3: add CompletionStatusSetMessage to the WSDL/schema
Issue 4: define TimeoutOutOfRangeFaultMessage
Issue 5: change CompleteWithStatustMessage to CompleteWithStatusMessage
Issue 6: change ContextRespondandtPortTypeSOAPBinding to
Issue 7: Respondant?
Issue 8: add generalFault to ContextRespondantPortTypeSOAPBinding
Issue 9: add begun PortType
Issue 10: change all wsc4c references to wsctx
Issue 11: the soapAction for completionStatusSet should be <soap:operation
tionStatusSet" style="document"/>

Does someone else want to take up the banner for 44 and 45?


Mark Little,
Chief Architect, Transactions,
Arjuna Technologies Ltd.


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