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Subject: Re: [ws-caf] WS-Eventing

I know HP had a WS-Event spec. out in July that seems to support much 
the same functionality...

On Jan 8, 2004, at 12:46 PM, Chiusano Joseph wrote:

> - The WS-Eventing specification "describes a protocol that allows Web
> services to subscribe to or accept subscriptions for event notification
> messages."
> - An example request to create a subscription for storm warnings is 
> used
> to illustrate the notification protocol.
> - "Web services often want to receive messages when events occur in
> other services and applications. A mechanism for registering interest 
> is
> needed because the set of Web services interested in receiving such
> messages is often unknown in advance or will change over time."
> - The specification intends to define a "means to create and delete
> event subscriptions, to define expiration for subscriptions, and to
> allow them to be renewed.
> - It defines how an event sink can determine which subscriptions it is
> receiving notifications for, and how one event sink can subscribe on
> behalf of another.
> - The specification is meant to leverage other Web service
> specifications for secure, reliable, transacted message delivery.
> Kind Regards,

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