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Subject: A potential issue on WS-CTX WSDL

Dear colleagues,

       I have recently joined the TC and would like to get involved.
At my Lab we have gone through the WS-CAF specs and have started
by identifying potential issues.
Most of them were already identified in the current list of issues.
However, it seems to us that there is still one missing:

The WS-CTX document (dated 28th July 2003) in page 25 identifies two 
messages to be exchanged
between the ALS and the ALSrespondant endpoints:
- getIdentity
- identity.

These two services do not appear in the WSDL nor their message types do 
appear on the schema.
They are also missing in the corresponding bindings.

Additionally, it seems that one of the arrows in the page 26 figure of 
the WS-CTX document,
the one tagged with "completedWithStatus" should be a dashed line 
instead of a solid one.



Ricardo Jimenez-Peris
Associate Professor
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

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