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Subject: Approved minutes Feb 16th

these have been added to the Kavi calendar event as well

WS-CAF Phone Conference  Feb 16, 2004


  - Martin (Eric and Mark) check that the Working document is up to date on the Oasis server

1. Roll-call
16 of 27 attending meeting quorum, Ian Alexander joined late

Call for scribe
Malik SAHEB assigned

Review of agenda
- Mark proposed to add discussion on issue 68 to the agenda.

2. Approval of minutes from Feb 2 con call approved 
- Motion approved made by Jeff and seconded by someone and no discussion

3. Action item review:

  * Martin and Eric: develop and post face-to-face agenda before Feb 8 deadline
  - Done     

  * Eric and Martin: check for possibility to meet with other TCs at April f2f
  - Most of other TC meeting will happen in the same time as the WS-CAF meeting, it appears quite hard to organize
    joint meeting

  * Jeff: Check with legal for the right words to call the interop demo
  - No main issue arisen by WS-I

  * Malik: produce report for schedule for implementation work, due by Monday, Feb 9
  - Malik has sent an agenda 

  * Eric: post editorial issue proposals for isues 12-20 and 46 to Kavi, except 17
  - Not Done

  * Mark, Martin, Eric: look into automatic update of bugzilla through the mailing list
  - Not Yet, manahe this action after the Paris meeting

  * Eric: contact WSRF folks to check for interest in cooperation
  - Eric Was not present -  but it has been asked (Jeff) 
    Jeff asked if we are requesting a private meeting or a public workshop? A public meeting should be recommended
    Discussion on this action moved to the next meeting and talk with Eric present.

4. Review agenda and logistics for F2F Meetings
   * Paris, 25-27 Feb 
	- Only 20 registration, quorum will not be reached 
	- Martin review the agenda. Because a concurrent transactional workshop that will occur at Seattle, 
	  Alastair asked to move discussion on WS-CAF benefits in such way Choreology team can participate to this
	  discussion. Martin will change the timing
	 ACTION: Martin will ask if there is way to build a birdge to access the meeting via internet.
        - No additional Comment 

   * New Orleans, 28-29 April
	- Martin remind to proceed for hotel booking 

5. Report from implementation sub-group
- Malik has briefly given a description of the agenda and proposed to discuss in more details on the demo application 
during the Paris meeting
- No additional comment

6. Issue discussion and resolution

- Martin proposed to have 10 days to vote an issue via the Kavi system
- Because the vote fails on the Kavi system, the following issues have been revoted

- Issue 12 adopted - Motion made by Mark and seconded by Doug - No Objection
- Issue 13 adopted - motion made by Malik and seconded by Mark - No objection
- Issue 16 adopted with amendment 
  - Doug mentioned what happen if there is a modification of the Testing tool. He then proposed then an amendement     to the issue by adding the following text: "Minor items discovered through this testing will be handled within the editorial team

- Issue 18 adopted - motion made by Greg and seconded by Dave - no objection
- Issue 19 adopted - motion made by Mark and seconded by Greg - no objection

- Issue 68
  Mark said that updating WSDL and schemas files lead to update the associated specifications
  - proposal to make in the document links to the associated WSDL/schema files
  - a motion has been made to close the issue with no change but discussion has been moved for the next 
    meeting because Mark was no longer present.

- Issue 15 
  - proposal to close the issue with no action but since Mark stated it's also related to 68, discussion has 
    also been moved as for issue 68

- Issue 20 arises a discussion on the fact that it doesn't refer to a correct version of wsdl. 
ACTION: Martin (in collaboration with Eric and Mark)
	Be sure that the oasis server contains the last working document

Next meeting Paris F2F - Feb 25-27.

Motion to adjourn, seconded

Meeting adjourned

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