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ws-caf message

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Subject: Draft Agenda 8th March 2004

1. Agenda review

2. role call/ member changes
   4 members have been downgraded from member to observer

3. assign Scribe

4. Actions

Action: Eric post editorial issues for issues 12-20 

Action: Mark - Automatic update of bugzilla 

Action: Eric to contact WS-RF folks 

Action: chairs, Person responsible for updating resolutions in bugzilla to be identified

Action: chairs to determine if  bugzilla db backed up and if  access to account creation
restricted to WS-CAF members.

Action: Eric to updtae FAQ based on f2f comments

ACTION: editors to draft a model diagram from which the normative specification is 
derived. by March 8

Action: Malik to update Impl team charter to reflect f2f discussion

Action: chairs to draft statement on behalf of TC calling for industry 
to work together.

5. Minutes

. ratify minutes of 16th feb (emailed and posted to calendar event)
. review of f2f minutes

6. summary of f2f

7. ratify the following issues/motions that were agreed unanimously at the f2f

Issue 15 - resolution in bugzilla agreed

Issue 68 - resolution to distribute as zip files
(revsit at con call)

Motion: TC adopts policy that sequence shall be used to depict

Issue 43 -- In all the schemas, the any element should be moved to be the
first element to allow for "true" extensibility. (##other extension points
should be put at the beginning).

approve revised implementation group charter (if available)

approve revised faq updates (if available)

8. WS-T statement

9. Issues

10. AOB

Martin Chapman                                 
Consulting Member of Technical Staff           
P: +353 87 687 6654                           
e: martin.chapman@oracle.com                   

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