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Subject: Statement for WS-Transactions workshop

Here's what I'd propose for a statement from WS-CAF to the Microsoft/IBM/BEA Workshop this Wednesday.  For discussion tomorrow.
The WS-CAF TC believes that the best path forward for the industry would be cooperation on merging the WS-CAF set of specifications with the WS-T, WS-C, and WS-BA set of specifications.  Toward that end we would like to propose that Microsoft, IBM, and BEA adopt the concept of separating out the context mechanism into its own specification (i.e. agreeing to work jointly to progress WS-Context) and to investigate the alignment of WS-Coordination Framework with WS-Coordination, and agreement to jointly progress the Business Process transaction model defined in the WS-Transaction Management specification.
Also, WS-CAF would like to re-iterate its invitation to Microsoft, IBM, and BEA to join the WS-TC, and submit WS-T, WS-C, and WS-BA to the WS-CAF TC for consolidation and aligmnent.
Eric Newcomer
Chief Technology Officer
IONA Technologies
200 West Street Waltham, MA 02451 USA
Tel: (781) 902-8366
Fax: (781) 902-8009
Making Software Work Together TM

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