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Subject: RE: [ws-caf] Meeting notes 3-22-2004


I am sorry for this intervention in your technical discussions. I know I
haven't been active in following the excellent work you've been doing
here but I just couldn't resist in sending this comment...

> 3)  Should "web service operations performed" be changed to "web
> services operation invocations" in the first sentence.

I think that the choice of the term "operation" in WSDL is not
representative of what actually takes place. I believe that Web Services
shouldn't be seen as having operations that can be "performed" or
"invoked". Instead, Web Services just send and receive messages. The
terms "perform" and "invoke" may give the wrong impression and may lead
us to think in terms (ooops... overloading of the term "term" here :-)
of other architectural models (e.g., RPC or object-orientation).

I do hope that this make sense even though I am not expecting everyone
to agree, even those from just few buildings away from where I am based

Just my 2p.

Savas Parastatidis

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