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Subject: Feedback on WS-Calendar Committee Specification 01

Hello WS-Calendar committee members.  I have some feedback on WS-Calendar Committee Specification 01.

Specific Feedback

1.  In regards to Table 3-4.  What is the difference between a "Duration Long Tolerance" and a "Duration Short Tolerance"?

2.  Section 3.3.1 paragraph 6.  There appears to be a typo.

"The starting date and times if other Intervals in a Sequence are computed using the
811 temporal relationships within the Sequence."

3.  Section paragraph 3.  there appears to be a typo.

"The Gluon is in essence an the Interval Component profiled down..."

4.  Section first paragraph.  There appears to be a typo.

" If a Granularity of 30 minutes “PT30M” is applied, the Scheduled Starts are limited to 8:30, 9:00, 8:30, and 10:00, i.e., integral multiples..."

8:30 is repeated.  Should read 9:30.

5.  In example 3-12, where are the durations of the first and second intervals specified?

6.  I found Example 3-13 to be quite confusing.  Where were the temporal relationships between intervals specified?  If a "gap" is used, is it assumed that gap is between the finish of one interval and the start of another?  Why were there tags for temporal relationships in each interval if they are just left blank?

General Feedback

A.  I thought that the specification was relatively straightforward and looks to be extremely flexible.

B.  It would be nice if there was a nice way to do some sort of "Hello World!"  Maybe a wrapper to schedule a LIFX light bulb.  Or maybe a web portal with a virtual device or service that you can load an XML into and it will display a result.

C.  Specific to an AllJoyn implementation, I have some concerns with the memory requirements of storing and parsing these text heavy XMLs on an embedded device.  What is the implementation strategy for the hardware?  Maybe run WS-Calendar on AllJoyn standard client only and have it be responsible for maintaining the schedule by streaming tasks to LeafNodes when they are due.  I guess the simple question is, do we want Leaf Nodes to be capable of maintaining a schedule even if it losses its connection with the AllJoyn bus?

Donny Zimmanck
Principal Microgrid Engineer
Enphase Energy

The Enphase System | Empowering You in 2015

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