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Subject: Public Review Comments

As a TAB member, I was asked to review the Public Review Drafts for WS-Discovery, Device Profile for Web Services, and SOAP over UDP.

These are my individual comments and do not represent the views of the TAB as a whole.





Comments applicable to all three specs.


1. Use of lowercase RFC2119 keywords (e.g. may) throughout the specs should be reviewed.

RFC2119 is not case sensitive. The OASIS guidelines suggest only using uppercase, and to not use lowercase versions to avoid any ambiguity. So either convert each may to MAY or find a similar word.


2. Add cross-references in the conformance  sections to the respective sections where the roles and/or normative statements are defined.


3. Consider changing the precedence order so that XML Schema and WSDL files take precedence over the normative text, since these files can be downloaded and checked with tools they are less likely to contain errors.


Comment on Device Profile for Web Services PR 01


4. In the Conformance section, change "An endpoint MAY implement.." to "An endpoint MUST implement at least one..." otherwise an endpoint not supporting any role will comply!


SOAP over UDP PR 01


5. In the Conformance section, add a sentence to the positive ( e.g. "to conform to this spec...") as currently it only defines conformance by the negative., which is not good style.


Martin Chapman | Standards Professional
Mobile: +353 87 687 6654

ORACLE Ireland
"Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this e-mail"

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