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Subject: RE: [ws-dd-comment] Public Review Comments (Issue PR007)

Dear Mr. Chapman:


Thank you very much for your comment submitted during the Public Review of Devices Profile for Web Services, WS-Discovery, and SOAP-over-UDP. It was assigned the number PR007 for tracking purposes. The TC discussed your comment and has decided to accept portions of it.


Regarding the use of RCW 2119 keywords, the TC accepted the comment and instructed the document editors to review the use of RFC 2119 keywords and make changes as necessary, including finding alternative words to avoid using RFC 2119 keywords in places where the context is non-normative and the resulting text would not be too tortured.


Regarding adding cross-references to defined terms in the conformance sections, the TC accepted the comment and instructed the editors to insert appropriate references.


Regarding the precedence order, the TC did not accept the comment, preferring to retain the precedence of the normative text over the XML Schema and WSDL files because the text is more complete, detailed, and expressive of the intent of the TC than is always possible with the XML files.


Regarding the Conformance statement in DPWS, the TC agreed to add clarifying language to the existing conformance statement without making a substantive change. The revised statement will read “An endpoint is expected to implement at least one of the roles defined herein (DEVICE, CLIENT, or HOSTED SERVICE) and MAY implement more than one of the roles.  An endpoint is not compliant with this specification if it fails to satisfy one or more of the MUST or REQUIRED level requirements defined herein for the roles it implements.”


Regarding the Conformance statement in SOAP-over-UDP, the TC accepted the comment and changed the polarity of the statement.


The TC agreed that none of the accepted changes were Substantive Changes that would necessitate an additional Public Review.


Thanks for helping to improve the clarity of these specifications!


Best regards,


Toby Nixon

Co-Chair, OASIS WS-DD Technical Committee



From: Martin Chapman [mailto:martin.chapman@oracle.com]

Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 9:19 AM

To: ws-dd-comment@lists.oasis-open.org


Subject: [ws-dd-comment] Public Review Comments


As a TAB member, I was asked to review the Public Review Drafts for WS-Discovery, Device Profile for Web Services, and SOAP over UDP.


These are my individual comments and do not represent the views of the TAB as a whole.






Comments applicable to all three specs.


1. Use of lowercase RFC2119 keywords (e.g. may) throughout the specs should be reviewed.


RFC2119 is not case sensitive. The OASIS guidelines suggest only using uppercase, and to not use lowercase versions to avoid any ambiguity. So either convert each may to MAY or find a similar word.


2. Add cross-references in the conformance  sections to the respective sections where the roles and/or normative statements are defined.


3. Consider changing the precedence order so that XML Schema and WSDL files take precedence over the normative text, since these files can be downloaded and checked with tools they are less likely to contain errors.


Comment on Device Profile for Web Services PR 01


4. In the Conformance section, change "An endpoint MAY implement.." to "An endpoint MUST implement at least one..." otherwise an endpoint not supporting any role will comply!


SOAP over UDP PR 01


5. In the Conformance section, add a sentence to the positive ( e.g. "to conform to this spec...") as currently it only defines conformance by the negative., which is not good style.


Martin Chapman | Standards Professional

Mobile: +353 87 687 6654


ORACLE Ireland

"Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this e-mail"



Toby Nixon  |  Senior Standards Program Manager  |  Windows Device and Storage Technologies  |  Microsoft Corporation

toby.nixon@microsoft.com  |  www.microsoft.com | V: +1 425 706 2792  |  M: +1 206 790 6377  |  F: +1 425 708 4811


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