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Subject: Issue 034 - WS-Discovery - Discovery proxy and multicastsuppression requirement

This issue is assigned the number 034. For further discussions on this issue, please refer to this issue number or use this thread.


From: Vipul Modi
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 10:54 AM
To: Ram Jeyaraman
Subject: NEW Issue - WS-Discovery - Discovery proxy and multicast suppression requirement


Please defer discussions on this issue until a time this issue is accepted and is assigned a number.



The current specification requires a Discovery Proxy to listen and suppress multicast messages on a network. While this is important for many ad-hoc networks it may not be appropriate in some configuration. For example, in a completely managed mode where clients and services are configured with the address of the discovery proxy, there is no need for proxy to listen and suppress the multicast messages. The proxy may be in the data center, in the cloud or places where there may not be any multicast traffic.  Many times a proxy may not have a full view of the network and hence it may not make sense to suppress every multicast requests. By requiring the proxy to support multicast suppression prevents implementers of server based discovery to be compliant with the specification.


Proposed Resolution:

The multicast suppression should be not a required for a proxy. The proxy may choose to listen on one or more multicast networks and suppress the multicast requests as desired.

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