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Subject: Understanding WS-Discovery operational modes - WS-D Primer

Hello all,


During the first face to face, some of us felt that the current WS-Discovery specification does not provide a clear description of requirements and responsibilities of various actors in an ad hoc mode and a managed mode. We made good progress on this during the technical discussions and white boarded our understanding of the specification in this regard. We filed and accepted a number of issues called “managed cluster” in this regard.


Please find the attached document titled “WS-Discovery Primer” that captures the essence of our discussions and understanding, and explains the behavior of a Target Service, a Client and a Discovery Proxy in a managed mode and an ad hoc mode as defined by the current specification. This document should allows us to be on the same page with respect to understanding ad hoc and managed modes and message exchanges in these modes, and help us make progress on the “managed cluster” issues.



Vipul Modi

Senior Development Lead, Microsoft Corporation.

vipul.modi@microsoft.com | 425-707-2402



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