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Subject: New Issue: Clarify placement of dpws policy assertion

Please defer discussions on this issue until a time this issue is accepted and is assigned a number.


Document: DPWS Version 1.0

Line number:  Line 712
Owner: Scott de Deugd

Editorial:  Section 5.4 says:

Assertion indicating compliance with this profile is required. This assertion has Endpoint Policy Subject [WS-PolicyAttachment]: a policy expression containing this assertion MAY be attached to a wsdl:port, SHOULD be attached to a wsdl:binding, but MUST NOT be attached to a wsdl:portType; the latter is prohibited because the assertion specifies a concrete behavior whereas the wsdl:portType is an abstract construct."

Seems that we can assume that  this assertion is not wanted on anything lower than a portType as well. If so we should say it.

Proposed Resolution (changes in
Update assertion if agreed.

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