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ws-dd message

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Subject: Proposal for managed mode cluster of issues

Hello all,


Please find attached documents that incorporate the proposal for the following “managed cluster” issues.


022 request-response MEP for communicating with proxy

034 Discovery proxy and multicast suppression requirement

035 define protocol assignment/binding for managed mode

036 discovery messages and managed mode

049 forced managed mode transition for the client


Following documents are attached with this email:

1.       wsdd-discovery-1.1-spec-wd-02-managed-02.docx: Includes the proposed changes with change bars. Note that some of the links may be broken or you might see some weird formatting of the text within the change bars. These gets fixed when the changes are accepted (see document 2).


2.       wsdd-discovery-1.1-spec-wd-02-managed-02-nochangebars.docx: Includes the proposed changes without any change bars.


3.       wsdd-discovery-1.1-wsdl-wd-02-managed.wsdl: Modified WSDL file







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