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Subject: RE: [ws-dd] Proposal for managed mode cluster of issues


Thanks for reviewing the proposal and providing the feedback. Please see my comments inline.


-----Original Message-----
From: Antoine Mensch [mailto:antoine.mensch@odonata.fr]
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 8:41 AM
To: ws-dd@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Vipul Modi
Subject: Re: [ws-dd] Proposal for managed mode cluster of issues

Hi Vipul,

here are a few comments about the proposal for managed mode:

A. One is related to the problem with automatic transition to managed
mode now that it becomes optional, that I already mentioned in the
issue049 thread.

[Vipul Modi] Yes, as per my response on that thread, I suggest that we track this as a separate issue. Removing an existing feature in the specification would require broader discussion not only among the TC members but within our product teams as well.

B. Other than that, most of my comments are on form:

B.1 I thought the example in the introduction was already a bit "heavy"
as introduction to the spec, doubling its size for the managed mode with
essentially the same information makes things worse. I would suggest to
drop the managed mode part of the example.

[Vipul Modi] I agree that it has less value with same information. Would it be ok if we move this example Probe/ProbeMatch section and use it to show that a Probe Match from DP can have information about more than one Target Services?

B.2 I think Section 3 (Model) is not very clear and need some additional
work: at the moment, it starts directly with operation modes. I think
roles (TS, Client, DP) should be better introduced, messages and their
semantics too, and finally operation modes.
The section outline could be something like:
3.1 Roles
Target Service
Discovery Proxy
3.2 Messages and their semantics
3.3 Operation modes and message exchanges patterns
Ad hoc mode
Managed mode
Automatic transition

[Vipul Modi] The roles are defined in the terminology section, I agree that we can provide some more explanation. I would need your help in coming up with the exact changes in a way that is not a repetition of the same content from other part of the specification. As you mentioned, I suggest that we file a separate issue and tackle this after CD1, as it does not change the protocol and hence does not affect the Interoperability.

B.3 More generally, I think the new emphasis on managed mode changes the
scope of the document, as now ad hoc and managed mode are on the same
footing, while the DP mechanism was really an optional mechanism in the
previous version. We are actually doing two specs in a single document.
In order to make things clearer, we could reorganise the document as
1. Introduction
2. Terminology and Notation
3. Model
4. Discovery messages
4.1 Hello and Bye
4.2 Probe and Probe Match
4.3 Resolve and Resolve Match
5. Ad hoc mode
5.x Protocol bindings
6. Managed mode
6.x Protocol bindings
7. Application sequencing (could be moved to ad hoc mode)
8. Security (could be split between ad hoc and managed mode, as
different rules apply)

[Vipul Modi] It is a good suggestion, however as I mentioned the challenge is to make sure that we do not repeat the information and related information is close together. For example, the normative requirements on the messages without the context of mode is very minimal or absent. Again I would need your help in coming with exact changes and as you suggested below I would recommend that we file a separate issue and tackle it after CD1 as it does not change the protocol and hence does not affect the Interoperability.

I am aware that the two last points cannot be addressed for CD1, but it
could maybe be a subject for discussion in future audios.



Vipul Modi a écrit :
> Hello all,
> Please find attached documents that incorporate the proposal for the
> following "managed cluster" issues.
> 022 request-response MEP for communicating with proxy
> 034 Discovery proxy and multicast suppression requirement
> 035 define protocol assignment/binding for managed mode
> 036 discovery messages and managed mode
> 049 forced managed mode transition for the client
> Following documents are attached with this email:
> *1.* *wsdd-discovery-1.1-spec-wd-02-managed-02.docx*: Includes the
> proposed changes with change bars. Note that some of the links may be
> broken or you might see some weird formatting of the text within the
> change bars. These gets fixed when the changes are accepted (see
> document 2).
> *2. wsdd-discovery-1.1-spec-wd-02-managed-02-nochangebars.docx*:
> Includes the proposed changes without any change bars.
> *3. wsdd-discovery-1.1-wsdl-wd-02-managed.wsdl*: Modified WSDL file
> Thanks,
> Vipul
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