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Subject: Re: [ws-dd] Proposal for the resolution of issues 127 and 135

Antoine Mensch schrieb:
49670AC4.7030509@odonata.fr" type="cite">Hi,

please find enclosed a proposal for the resolution of issues 127 and 135. Changes are limited to Section 5.2 and have been performed with revision marks and comments.
The changes look good for me.


Line 551-553: For the hosting relationship type, if a host has more than one HOSTED SERVICE, including one relationship that lists all HOSTED SERVICEs is equivalent to including multiple relationships that each list some subset of the HOSTED SERVICEs.

This doesn't say the same thing as explained in the comment by Antoine: The intent here is that a Relationship element returned by a HOSTED SERVICE should always have a Hosted element, while a Relationship element returned by a DEVICE may not have a Hosted element if it has no hosted services.

This should be described in other words.


49670AC4.7030509@odonata.fr" type="cite">


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