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Subject: Updated list of participants for inclusion in specifications

On our teleconference today, I received an action item to review the TC roster and identify new members who need to be added to the list of participants in the specifications. I found that there are two members who need to be added to the lists in the current working drafts: Jan Krueger, Technische Universitaet Dortmund, and Yasuji Takeuchi, Konica Minolta Business Technologies. The list below [1] shows where they should be inserted in the lists alphabetically by the editors. Just as a reminder, this list is sorted alphabetically by surname. If you notice any further necessary corrections, please let us know.


Best regards,


            -- Toby


[1] Updated list of participants for inclusion in WS-DD specifications:


Geoff Bullen, Microsoft Corporation

Steve Carter, Novell

Dan Conti, Microsoft Corporation

Doug Davis, IBM

Scott deDeugd, IBM

Dan Driscoll, Microsoft Corporation

Colleen Evans, Microsoft Corporation

Max Feingold, Microsoft Corporation

Travis Grigsby, IBM

Francois Jammes, Schneider Electric

Ram Jeyaraman, Microsoft Corporation

Mike Kaiser, IBM

Supun Kamburugamuva, WSO2

Devon Kemp, Canon Inc.

Akira Kishida, Canon Inc.

Jan Krueger, Technische Universitaet Dortmund

Mark Little, Red Hat

Dr. Ingo Lueck, Technische Universitaet Dortmund

Jonathan Marsh, WSO2

Carl Mattocks

Antoine Mensch

Jaime Meritt, Progress Software

Vipul Modi, Microsoft Corporation

Anthony Nadalin, IBM

Tadahiro Nakamura, Canon Inc.

Masahiro Nishio, Canon Inc.

Toby Nixon, Microsoft Corporation

Shin Ohtake, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Venkat Reddy, CA

Alain Regnier, Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Hitoshi Sekine, Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Yasuji Takeuchi, Konica Minolta Business Technologies

Hiroshi Tamura, Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Minoru Torii, Canon Inc.

Asir S Vedamuthu, Microsoft Corporation

David Whitehead, Lexmark International Inc.

Don Wright, Lexmark International Inc.

Prasad Yendluri, Software AG, Inc.

Elmar Zeeb, University of Rostock

Gottfried Zimmermann


Toby Nixon  |  Senior Standards Program Manager  |  Windows Device and Storage Technologies  |  Microsoft Corporation

toby.nixon@microsoft.com  |  www.microsoft.com | V: +1 425 706 2792  |  M: +1 206 790 6377  |  F: +1 425 708 4811


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