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Subject: Schneider Electric statement of use

Schneider Electric successfully uses DPWS v1.1 [1], WS-Discovery v1.1
[2], and SOAP-over-UDP v1.1 [3] specifications in accordance with the
conformance clauses specified therein in prototypes. This prototype use includes successful
interoperation with other independent implementations.

[1] DPWS:
[2] WS-Discovery:
[3] SOAP-over-UDP:

Note that today Schneider Electric is developing industrial solutions based on open source stacks available on http://forge.soa4d.org/. Available versions there may slightly differ from hereabove referenced versions, but our intent is to move to the OASIS WS-DD standardized version of DPWS as soon as possible.

Best regards

Francois Jammes
| Schneider Electric | Strategy, Customers, Innovation & Technology | Web Services project director
+33 4 76 57 33 59 | Mobile: +33 6 08 68 33 73
francois2.jammes@schneider-electric.com | Site: www.schneider-electric.com | Address: 38TEC-T3 F-38050 Grenoble Cedex 9
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