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Subject: Action Items from July's Face to Face meeting


Greetings Everyone-


I hope all is well.


I’m quite delinquent on this task, so please accept my apologies, but I am starting to enter the action items from the July 15-17th Face to Face meeting in Redmond.


Considering that about a month has gone by, it’s possible that some of the action items have already been completed. I thought about not entering the AI’s that were already completed(if any), but then I decided to go ahead and enter them regardless so that we can track them and show completion on them (and maybe also so that action item owners can get some credit too J)


Also, in terms of due date, most of the AI’s didn’t have a due date with them in the minutes, so I’m just putting Sept 15, 2009 in there for now. We can always change that later.


Best Regards,



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