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Subject: RE: [ws-dd] Groups - New Action Item #0142 -- Action Item for Everyone --

Don't know if its useful but I've attached a diff (today's vs first public WD, which is member submission + w3c style).

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Toby Nixon <Toby.Nixon@microsoft.com>

04/12/2010 02:18 PM

Scott de Deugd/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, "ws-dd@lists.oasis-open.org" <ws-dd@lists.oasis-open.org>
RE: [ws-dd] Groups - New Action Item #0142 -- Action Item for Everyone --

Scott, do you know if anyone has produced a red-line comparison of the Last Call WS-RA documents to the input documents? Would that even be useful, or are the changes too extensive?
Toby Nixon  |  Senior Standards Program Manager  |  Windows Ecosystem Engagement  |  Microsoft Corporation
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From: Scott de Deugd [mailto:dedeugd@us.ibm.com]
Monday, April 12, 2010 8:55 AM
Re: [ws-dd] Groups - New Action Item #0142 -- Action Item for Everyone --


I was talking with Doug Davis today about our workgroup's discussion on the potential impacts WS-RA (WS-Eventing) changes to DPWS.

To get a jump on the April 20th call and the May 11th deadline, Doug encourages everyone looking at the WSRA changes, to put questions or issues found on this mailing list for discussion.


From: Devon.Kemp@cda.canon.com
To: ws-dd@lists.oasis-open.org
Date: 04/06/2010 11:33 AM
Subject: [ws-dd] Groups - New Action Item #0142 -- Action Item for Everyone --


OASIS Web Services Discovery and Web Services Devices Profile (WS-DD) TC member,

Mr. Devon Kemp has created a new action item.

Number: #0142
Description: -- Action Item for Everyone --
Owner: Unassigned
Due: 20 Apr 2010

Mr. Devon Kemp  2010-04-06 15:31 GMT
Review the WS-RA specs and prepare any comments you may have before the next TC (Apr 20th, 2010).

Realize that comments back to WS-RA are due by May 11th.

View Details:


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- OASIS Open Administration

Web Services Eventing - diff - 04-12-2010.doc

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