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Subject: Fwd: WS-DD Teleconference, Tuesday, December 14, 8AM Pacific Time

Forwarding for archives sake

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Toby Nixon <tnixon@microsoft.com>
Date: December 13, 2010 3:10:29 PM PST
To: [long list omitted]
Subject: WS-DD Teleconference, Tuesday, December 14, 8AM Pacific Time

(I was not able to send this through the ws-dd email list because of an email server issue here at Microsoft, so I’m sending it directly to all of you. – Toby)


The next WS-DD teleconference is at 8AM Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 14. The annotated agenda appears below. It will be a short meeting, primarily to review status in W3C WS-RA.


Best regards,


-- Toby and Alain





1. Welcome

2. Roll Call


- Recognize new members and voting members

- Verify quorum present

3. Approve Agenda


4. Approve Minutes of the last meeting

Not yet uploaded.

5. Action Item Review


6. New Issue Review


7. Issue Discussion and Resolution

- W3C WS-RA Status Update (Ram Jeyaraman)

8. Future Meetings

- Discuss schedule for future meetings

9. Any Other Business

- Record attendance of late-joining participants

10. Adjourn




LiveMeeting Access URLs (if needed):


Presenter: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft/join?id=WSDDTC&role=present&pw=WSDDTCP1

Attendee: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/microsoft/join?id=WSDDTC&role=attend&pw=WSDDTCA2


Chat and Speaker Queue URL:




Voice Access:


Audio Conference ID: 775 056 73


Audio Access Numbers (partial list; for the complete list, see https://cwa.microsoft.com/dialin):

USA, Toll Free +18883203585

USA, Redmond +14257063500

USA, Mountain View +16506933500 English

France, Paris +33157757766

Germany, Munich +498931763500

Japan +81344135200

Netherlands, Amsterdam, +31205002500


Toby Nixon  |  Senior Program Manager  |  Windows Ecosystem Engagement  |  Microsoft Corporation

toby.nixon@microsoft.com  |  www.microsoft.com | V: +1 425 706 2792  |  M: +1 206 790 6377  |  F: +1 425 708 4811


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