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Subject: Draft Notes -21 Dec 2010 - WS-I StComm

Draft Notes: OASIS WS-I Member Section Steering Committee 21-dec-2010

Jeff - volunteered to scribe

     (meeting called to order by Joel acting as Convener)

1.  Roll Call

Jeff Mischkinsky, Steve Holbrook, Girish Juneja, Martin Raepple,  Ram  
Jeyaraman, Michael Champion, Mike DeNicola, Prasad Yendluri, Joel  
Fleck - SC Members
Scott McGrath - Staff

Meeting is quorate.

2.  Agenda Bashing

       approve minutes
       Steering Comm election status
       new members of MS
       election of officers
       use of mailing lists
       licensing terms for profiles/test tools
       use of trademark and logo

3. minutes from 12 Nov 2010
      MikeD/Steve -- approve minutes from 12 Nov 2010 - UNAN

4. Steering Comm election status
        no info from staff
        Mike C nominated Ram

3. Election of Officers

   open positions - treasurer, secretary, vice chair

   defer until after the SC election

4. New members of MS

   Joel will put together a welcome message, including an invitation  
to run for the steering comm to the "new" members.
   MikeD pointed out that several, approx 7, (former) wsi members did  
not join the MS.
   Scott will reach out to them and Joel will also.

5. Use of Mailing lists

Jeff/MikeD - move that we establish a policy of using the member  
section mailing list (ws-i-ms@lists.oasis-open.org) to conduct our  
business and not the SC list  - UNAN

6. Licensing terms for profiles/test tools
     Question is what is the status of people using the tools who have  
not previously signed the adopter agreement.

     Scott will bring up question and jaime and get some legal advice.

7. Use of WSI and trademark

MikeD/Jeff - The use of the WS-I TM, name and logo for the purpose of  
conformance statements has been on the basis of self-certification.  
The WSI Steering Committee recommends  that it continue to be used  
that way as long as the OASIS logo is also used. UNAN

8. Schedule for next meeting
   Next meeting will be Tues Jan 25 2011 9:00-10:00 AM PST

8. AOB

Adjourned at 10:22 PST

Jeff Mischkinsky			          		jeff.mischkinsky@oracle.com
Sr. Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware 				+1(650)506-1975
	and Web Services Standards           			500 Oracle Parkway, M/S 2OP9
Oracle								Redwood Shores, CA 94065

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