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Subject: OASIS WS-I Member Section

WS-I Member Section members:


Welcome as we begin the next phase of the WS-I as we transition the work of the former WS-I organization to the new OASIS WS-I Member Section. Over the next few months, we have a number of important action to take including setting up the Technical Committees to maintain the existing profiles. More immediately we need to establish guidance for the operation and scope of the Member Section via the Member Section Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is currently in the process of forming itself; under the rules of procedure agreed upon by both the old WS-I Board and the OASIS Board, the Steering Committee will be composed initially of 9 members, 8 members of the former WS-I Board and a new member.  One of the former WS-I members has resigned, thus 2 seats on the Steering Committee are currently available and I would encourage any member  of the Member Section to help set our future direction by running for election to Steering Committee. Please note that nominations must be submitted to the OASIS staff by 27 December, 2010 as the election (by the whole Member Section) will take place in early January.


Once again, welcome  to the new OASIS WS-I Member Section and I look forward to working with you!


Best Regards and Happy Holidays!!


Joel Fleck

Chair, OASIS WS-I Member Section Steering Committee


hp invent

Joel J. Fleck, II
Chief Architect
Hewlett-Packard Company
420 Mountain Avenue
Murray Hill, NJ 07974

+1 908.898.4091 Phone
+1 908.416.1706 Mobile
+1 908.898.4188 Fax


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