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Subject: Fwd: Use of WS-I testing tools

  we should talk about this on our call.


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From: Carol Geyer <carol.geyer@oasis-open.org>
Subject: Fwd: Use of WS-I testing tools
Date: March 27, 2012 12:35:51 PM PDT
To: Jeff Mischkinsky <jeff.mischkinsky@oracle.com>
Cc: Jose Marquez <jose.marquez@oasis-open.org>

Can you respond to the question below or suggest someone who can?

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From:  <alex@floop.org.uk>
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Subject: [Webmaster] [Web site] Use of WS-I testing tools
To: webmaster@oasis-open.org

Alex Tucker sent a message using the contact form at


We're developing some best practice documentation for interoperable use of
web services in our organization and are making full reference to the WS-I
profiles as they are fantastic resources.

We'd also like to make use of the testing tools as delivered by the WS-I,
but note that the license which comes with the tools is quite
prohibitive. For instance, we'd like to create a simple virtual
appliance which runs
the tools, capturing web service calls and generating reports on their
conformance, but the license seems to prohibit anything other than personal
use without modification.

Please could you clarify whether, and if so how, we could use the WS-I
testing tools internally in this way?  We'd be happy to make available any
modifications or additions we make, e.g. there are a couple of small bugs
in the report generation stylesheet.

Alex Tucker.

Carol Geyer
Senior Director of Communications and Development

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