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Subject: Steering Committee Election Candidates

WS-I Members,

Here are your 4 candidates for re-election.  Qualified electors will receive a message pointing them to the ballot, which which is expected to run 14 days.

Each candidate should be well known to you.  If you need further insight into the candidates, their nomination acceptance messages are compiled below.

Thanks in advance your your active participation in the election process.


Doug Davis

I confirm that I shall meet the commitment requirements of the position.

My background:
I've been working on software standards (and in particular WS*/SOAP)
standards for over 10 years now.  I've been very involved in the
development of most of the WS* specifications and profiles. And in
addition I've had a hand in the development, and interoperability
testing, of most of those same documents.  I understand not only the
history but the rationale behind most of the design points taken in
the specifications and can therefore help ensure that the spirit of
the author's original intent is maintained as the WS-I profiles are
updated or new ones created.

Mike DeNicola

1. I accept the nomination  for the WS-I Steering Committee;


2. I confirm my ability to meet the commitments of the position including but not limited to:

~ Participate in 3-4 hours per month in meetings ~ Prepare and review related documents ~ Participate actively in marketing and outreach for the WS-I MS

~ Represent the Member Section at relevant meetings and events


3. I was on the Board of Directors of WS-I throughout its existence and have been on the WS-I MS Steering Committee since WS-I became a part of OASIS. My current activity on the WS-I Steering Committee is an indication of my continued interest. For the past year, I have been Chair of the WS-I MS Steering Committee.


4. Fujitsu is a participant in the WS-I Member Section.


Micah Hainline

I would like to renominate myself for the Steering Committee of the WS-I Member Section.  

I also accept the nomination, and have the time to participate.


I am a senior software engineer at Asynchrony, and part of a successful effort here to create a web service validation tool suite for the US government.  I worked for several years on the original WS-I Basic Profile Working Group, and have been active in the current Oasis Working Group.  My interests are in seeing the barriers to using the profiles and work products eliminated where ever possible.

Gershon Jannsen

I would like to put myself forward as a candidate for the Steering Committee of the WS-I Member Section for the upcoming Election.

As a nominee I:

(1) state to accept the nomination
(2) confirm my ability to meet the commitments of the position, such as monthly participation in a teleconference, promotion of the Member Section work, participation in event planning, put effort in documents preparation and review, and other time commitments.
(3) statement:

In the most recent years, I have been working as an independent consultant and architect. I work predominantly on large-scale projects, designing and building complex information technology architectures focusing on SOA, Cloud and Identity. From my project involvements, I have broad experience with web services interoperability aspects: from design and test to production use, as well as practical experience with organizational adoption of WS-I profiles.

I have good understanding of the OASIS Policies, Procedures and Processes, and believe I can help in progressing the work of the WS-I community within OASIS when serving on the Steering Committee. 

(4) am member of the WS-I Member Section.

Scott McGrath

Tel +1 781-425-5073 x202
Fax +1 781-425-5072

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