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Subject: WS-I Steering Committee Nomination

I would like to put myself forward as a candidate for the Steering Committee of the WS-I Member

Section for the upcoming Election.


As a nominee I:


(1)          state to accept the nomination.

I accept the nomination.

(2)          confirm my ability to meet the commitments of the position, such as monthly participation in a

teleconference, promotion of the Member Section work, participation in event planning, put

effort in documents preparation and review, and other time commitments.

I confirm that I can meet the commitments of the position.


       (3) statement:

               I have represented Fujitsu on the original WS-I organization Board from its inception. I was

instrumental in WS-I joining OASIS. Since WS-I became a Member Section in OASIS, I have represented

Fujitsu on the WS-I Member Section Steering Committee and have been Chair of that Steering

Committee for the past several years.


Until July 2016, I was a member of the OASIS Board of Directors and Treasurer of OASIS. So I am familiar

with both the WS-I and OASIS sides of the house.


(4)          am member of the WS-I Member Section.

I am currently a member of the WS-I Member Section.


Mike DeNicola



Mike DeNicola

Director, Industry Relations


Fujitsu America, Inc.

1250 East Arques Avenue

Sunnyvale, CA  94085


Mobile:    (408) 829-9958

E-mail:    mdenicola@us.fujitsu.com

Web:       http://us.fujitsu.com/solutions


This e-mail and any attached files are only for the use of its intended recipient(s). Its contents are confidential and may be privileged. Fujitsu does not guarantee that this e-mail has not been intercepted and amended or that it is virus free. If you have received this e-mail and are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by e-mail and destroy all copies of this e-mail and any attachments.


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