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Subject: Groups - wsrm-1.1-spec-wd-15.odt uploaded

i145 applied

 -- Mr. Doug Davis

The document revision named wsrm-1.1-spec-wd-15.odt has been submitted by
Mr. Doug Davis to the WS-RX Editors SC document repository.  This document
is revision #40 of wsrm-1.1-spec-wd-15.odt.

Document Description:
WD 15 - accepted all WD14 changes
Move wsdl after schema
Nits  remove tabs, extra [yyy]'s ...
Minor typos
More typos
Remove extra "OPTIONAL"s  Matt Lovett
Fix doc id version #
Some clean-up on state tables (blank rows/cols + italics)
Typo  section D was empty
i125 applied
i126 applied
i127 applied
i133 applied
i136 applied
i138 applied
i135 applied
Add all TC members to the ack list
Add Dave Ingham to ack list
i129 applied
i130 applied
i137 applied
typo in schema
i111 applied
missed a piece of i129
typo in schema
i141 applied
i142 applied
i148 applied
i149 applied
i150 applied
i121 applied
Fixed numbering on Header 4 style
i139 applied
i144 applied
i147 applied
i122-124 applied
Update list of oasis TC members (i134)
use name(co) in acks
i140 applied
i145 applied

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This document is revision #40 of wsrm-1.1-spec-wd-15.odt.  The document
details page referenced above will show the complete revision history.

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-OASIS Open Administration

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