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Subject: Re: [ws-rx-editors] WD editorial comments/questions

FYI - this morning I think I got most of the links fixed - esp. the ones in the TOC.  One thing I haven't figured out though is how to make the appendix entries in the TOC into links.  Gil  (or anyone else), know how to do that?

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Marc Goodner <mgoodner@microsoft.com>

01/31/2007 06:43 PM

Doug Davis/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, Gilbert Pilz <gpilz@bea.com>
"ws-rx-editors@lists.oasis-open.org" <ws-rx-editors@lists.oasis-open.org>
[ws-rx-editors] WD editorial comments/questions

I’m still need to do a second pass, but here are the results from my first pass. Page numbers are from the pdfs without diff lines.
All three specs
        Footers need the dates updated. I recommend scanning throughout for 2006 to update to 2007 (copyright, etc.)
        Link issues from RM PDF, I stopped checking further after I discovered that these don’t seem to be issues in the generated html. Is there a known issue with the tool you are using to generate the pdf? I noticed similar issues in the other specs. Even in the html the links to internal document bookmarks, e.g. section headings or references are often either broken or not active.
o   Spec location link is not active
o   Anish’s email is not hyperlinked in the editor list, the others are
o   None of the references in the abstract and the other sections are links though they look like links
o   In status section the IPR link is not active, 2nd link to TC page is not active
o   TOC, Section heading links are broken, Appendix entries are not links
        Page 8, section 2.3 “in stead” should be “instead”
        Page 23, section 3.9, under Nack definition, the second to last sentence “within a AcknowledgementRange” should be “within an AcknowledgementRange”
        Page 25, section 4, should WSRM Required be WSRMRequired? The section heading for that fault has the space so its probably correct as it is.
        Page 29, section4.7 “can not” should be “cannot”
RM Policy
        No other issues.
        Page 10, section 3.2 2nd to last bullet “E.g. In” should be “E.g. in”
The schema/wsdl has changed. Are the separate files ready?
Have the XML examples in the specs been checked to make sure they are valid?

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