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Subject: RE: CD5.3 final - modulo html

In case you need it - but I suspect you don't - here's the MC RDDL file with this fixed.

STSM  |  Web Services Architect  |  IBM Software Group
(919) 254-6905  |  IBM T/L 444-6905  |  dug@us.ibm.com

"Mary McRae" <mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org>
Sent by: Mary McRae <marypmcrae@gmail.com>

02/12/2007 09:13 PM
Please respond to

Doug Davis/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS, <ws-rx-editors@lists.oasis-open.org>
"'Mary McRae'" <marypmcrae@gmail.com>, "'Robin Cover'" <robincover@gmail.com>
RE: CD5.3 final - modulo html

Hi everyone,
 I've uncovered a bad link the wsmc rddl file - the spec name is
wsmc-1.0-spec-cd-01.pdf and the RDDL link is to:
(same problem for HTML an ODT links)
Do you want to send me a new one or do you just want me to edit it?

From: Doug Davis [mailto:dug@us.ibm.com]
Monday, February 12, 2007 1:11 PM
'Mary McRae'; mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org
CD5.3 final - modulo html

I've uploaded CD5.3 zip file: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ws-rx-editors/download.php/22340/CD05.zip

Marc said he'll create the HTML files.

Once he does that I'll update the individual files in kavi - just to give someone else (marc) a chance to notice anything big I may have overlooked.

STSM  |  Web Services Architect  |  IBM Software Group
(919) 254-6905  |  IBM T/L 444-6905  |  dug@us.ibm.com

Title: OASIS Web Services Reliable Messaging Protocol Specification
  www.oasis-open.org About OASIS OASIS Members Join OASIS OASIS News OASIS Events Members Only XML Cover Pages XML.org  

Web Services Make Connection (WS-MakeConnection)

February 2007


This document describes version "200702" of the WS-MakeConnection namespace. It also contains a directory of links to related resources using the Resource Directory Description Language (RDDL) 2.0.

Namespace URI Versioning Policy

The pattern of the WS-MakeConnection v1.0 namespace URI shall be:


Where yyyymm is the century, year and month chosen by the TC for that version of the namespace URI.

It is the intent of the OASIS WS-RX Technical Committee that the WS-MakeConnection v1.0 namespace URI will not change arbitrarily with each subsequent revision of the corresponding WSDL or XML Schema documents but rather change only when a subsequent revision, published in conjunction with a Committee Draft or Committee Specification results in non-backwardly compatible changes from a previously published Committee Draft or Specification.

Under this policy, the following are examples of backwards compatible changes that would not result in assignment of a new namespace URI:

  • addition of new global element, attribute, complexType and simpleType definitions
  • addition of new operations within a WSDL portType or binding (along with the corresponding schema, message and part definitions)
  • addition of new elements or attributes in locations covered by a previously specified wildcard
  • modifications to the pattern facet of a type definition for which the value-space of the previous definition remains valid or for which the value-space of the preponderance of instance would remain valid
  • modifications to the cardinality of elements for which the value-space of possible instance documents conformant to the previous revision of the schema would still be valid with regards to the revised cardinality rule

Related Resources for WS-MakeConnection

Normative Reference:

WS-MakeConnection v1.0

XML Schema for WS-MakeConnection:


WSDL for WS-MakeConnection:


Related Namespaces

WS-ReliableMessaging v1.1 namespace: http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-rx/wsrm/200702


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