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Subject: RE: [ws-rx-implement] Interoperability and the F2F

I think this group should first clearly outline its touch points with the TC in regards to the inputs from this group to the TC that may possibly affect the TC deliverables, timeline dependencies, etc. For example, I don't see how a schedule for producing a scenario doc by itself would be of any interest to the larger TC.
Given that a scenarios doc or an interop report is not part of the TC deliverables as such, I believe that the TC would at most expect this group to validate the spec by producing interop scenarios and by conducting the actual interop testing. In that regard, the TC may want to know the overall timeline of this subgroup so that any issues revealed in the process of creating the scenarios and conducting the interop get filed and resolved early on and more importantly well within the chartered time period of the TC (one year from Jun 23, 2004).
So may I suggest that this subgroup first present to the TC the high level roadmap and schedule of its activities (creating scenario doc, hosting interop, consolidating issues, second run of the previous steps, etc). It will obviously be great if this subgroup can in addition report on any concrete plans/material for the initial milestones at the F2F.

From: Doug Davis [mailto:dug@us.ibm.com]
Sent: Tuesday, Dec 06, 2005 10:54 AM
To: ws-rx-implement@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [ws-rx-implement] Interoperability and the F2F

I think this group should give the a TC a date for when it can provide an initial draft of a scenario doc and a proposed date for an interop event.
Perhaps we could, thru email, settle on a target date we could propose to the TC during the f2f?
What about end of Jan (27th?) as a target?

Paul Fremantle <paul@wso2.com>

12/06/2005 01:33 PM

[ws-rx-implement] Interoperability and the F2F


This group has been silent since it started. In order that we are
effective at the F2F it would be good to start the discussions now.

Firstly, what agenda items would you like to discuss at the F2F.

We have a rough plan to have remote based interop following the next
Committee Draft.

I think we need a review of the donated interop scenarios based on  two

1) are they complete enough?
2) how do they need to change based on the updated specifications?



Paul Fremantle
VP/Technology, WSO2 and OASIS WS-RX TC Co-chair
"Oxygenating the Web Service Platform", www.wso2.com

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