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ws-rx-implement message

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Subject: Interoperability and the F2F

In terms of presenting something to the TC during next week's
F2F, what about this:

Jan 27 - Send a draft scenario document to the TC.
         This scenario doc should try to cover interoperability
         for the features defined in the core spec.

Feb 10 - Final date for feedback from the TC on the doc.
         TC doesn't need to formally approve it but we request
         suggestions/comments by this date.

Feb 24 - Unless we totally messed up the first draft and just need
         to make minor changes based on the feedback, we
         produce the official scenario doc that will be used
         for the interop event.
         Send out an official notification of the interop event
         and doc(s).

Apr 3  - Shoot for an interop event this week.
         This is 6 weeks after the scenario doc is published.


Both specs or just core spec?  Do we want people to support
ws-policy?  I'm leaning towards just the core spec.

What type of event do we want?  Personally, I like the idea of
a virtual interop but I know that the pressure of a f2f helps
force people to make the dates.
(virtual == put up an endpoint (RMS and RMD) on the web)
 for example: http://wsi.alphaworks.ibm.com:8080/wsrm/index.html
 so people can test at will)

Do we need to shift the dates based on the next CD?  With these
dates I was assuming we'd use the current WDs available.  What
version of the spec(s) do we want to use?

What kind of results do we want to publish and how do we want to
publish them?  Generic: "it went well" - or specific "company X
passed 1,2,3 but not 4,5,6"  ???  Do we even want to publish
anything at all?  What does Oasis require?



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