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Subject: Possible new scenario for interop

Hi all,

Looking at the scenarios doc, I think there is another bit of the spec that we could usefully test. Issue i030 clarified how a RMD should accept an inbound sequence while declining an Offer. I think adding a new scenario 2.3 Decline Offer could test it. Here's an outline, following the style of Section 2.2

Scenario 2.3 Decline Offer

This scenario is a variant of 2.1 in which the original sequence is created without the RMD accepting the sequence in the Offer element of the CreateSequence message.

Note: This is included as a suggested scenario; additional work is needed to allow this scenario to be implemented.

Message Exchange
As in scenario 2.1 the client and service establish a reliable sequence for the echoString request messages.  Before the server can send the replies back to the client it must establish a new reliable sequence.  It does this with a simplex CS/CST handshake back to the client.  Note, for our purposes the target EPR used must be one the wsa:ReplyTo EPRs used in the first echoString request message.  The remaining part of this scenario will be the same as scenario 2.1.

I'm happy to do the leg work to fill out the scenario, if the group wants me to.



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