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ws-rx-implement message

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Subject: Re: [ws-rx-implement] Today's call

My apologies for not attending Paul, I messed up my time zones. For some 
reason I was going to dial in 2 o'clock EST. Sorry again, and I will be 
there for the next one if I am clever enough to read the time right.


Paul Fremantle wrote:

> Folks
> We had just 3 people attend the call today. I had NO-ONE on this list
> say they could not attend.
> If we are going to meet the goal we agreed of having an Interop at the
> F2F in March we need to make SIGNIFICANT progress in the next two weeks.
> In order to have enough time for companies to prepare for the Interop I
> suggest we have to have the document ready by Feb 10th. Which means we
> need to review it, comment and improve it. The level of discussion on
> the mailing list is non-existent. I hoped the call would re-prioritise
> this, but that obviously failed.
> I suggest we have weekly one-hour calls until the F2F. My proposed time
> is every Thursday 5-6pm GMT, 12-1 Eastern, 9-10am Pacific.
> Please let me know if you cannot make this time.
> Paul

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