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Subject: Re: [ws-rx]Conference Call Logistics (was"Prelim Minutes of WSRX TC Conf call 7/7")

We may wish to consider Freeconference.com.  The conference portion is 
free however there are no toll free lines.  That way cost is shared 
amongst all participants.  $10k per month to host calls is a bit steep.

I have never understood why some think that TC's should provide toll 
free numbers.  Why does one company have to cover another company's cost 
for participation?


Tom Rutt wrote:

> Patil, Sanjay wrote:
>> Also please include in the minutes the suggestion I made on the call to
>> either not have at all or allow disabling the Entry/Exit announcements.
>> Thanks,
>> Sanjay
> I will add both of these concerns expressed on the call as 
> "suggestions" to the call hosts in the section regarding 
> administrivia, before posting the minutes to the server. (along with 
> 100 ports requirement).
> By the way, I think 100 ports with 800 access for 90 minutes could 
> cost a fortune:  eg. 25 cents per minute per port for 90 minutes would 
> be $25 * 90 or $2250.
> Perhaps some providers give a better rate, but this large cost should 
> be considered.
> Tom Rutt

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