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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Is an implementation supporting a smaller max messagenumber valid? [Re: [ws-rx] NEW ISSUE: Max message number in policy]

*Title*: Is an implementation supporting a smaller max message number valid?

*Description*: The existing specification includes the clause "If the 
message number exceeds the internal limitations of an RM Source or RM 
Destination ...".  This allows a source or destination to handle 
unexpected failures gracefully.  It does not clearly allow, require, or 
prevent the implementation to be designed or deployed with a message 
number limit.  Should we support such a limitation?

*Justification*: Issue below presupposes a "yes" answer to this 
question.  Should decide this larger question before deciding how to 
fill gap left if the answer is "yes".

*Target*: core (RM spec)

*Type*: design

*Proposal*: I lean toward "no" but could be convinced otherwise.  If 
"no" is the answer, the specification could change to make it clear a 
WS-RM compliant implementation _must_ support the full unsigned long 
range for the message number.  That likely requires conformance 
terminology not presently in the specification; this issue is not 
intended to broach the even-more-general subject of conformance clauses. 
  My proposal therefore comes down to "close, no action".

*Related issues*: Max message number in policy [no number yet]


On 12/07/05 07:39, Doug Davis wrote:
> *Title*: Max message number in policy
> *Description*: define a policy assertion that defines the highest 
> message number the RM destination will accept.
> *Justification*: without knowing in advance what the highest message 
> number is the RM source may exceed it, causing the entire sequence to be 
> terminated - when it may have been able to start a 2nd sequence to 
> continue its work.  By allowing the RM source the option of terminating 
> the sequence gracefully it can still deliver lost messages for the 
> original sequence.  As it stands now, if the sequence is terminated the 
> lost messages will not be resent.
> *Target:* RM policy spec
> *Proposal:* Define:
> /wsrm:RMAssertion/wsrm:MaxMessageNumber
> /wsrm:RMAssertion/wsrm:MaxMessageNumber@number - unsigned long
> thanks
> -Doug

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