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Subject: A rewording of "Sequence termination on Fault" issue

Title: Sequence termination on Fault


Description: The RM Destination imperatively terminates a sequence due to one of these unrecoverable errors:

- wsrm:SequenceTerminated

- wsrm:MessageNumberRollover

- wsrm:LastMessageNumberExceeded

Then any pending non-acknowledged message will be lost for the sequence.


Justification: Unless an accurate and final acknowledgement status was sent back at the time the sequence is closed, the Source will not know if some non-acknowledged messages were actually received before the termination occurs. This gives the source two unpleasant options: (a) resend all non-acknowledged message in a new sequence, with the risk of causing undetectable duplicates, (b) not resend any, and these will be lost.


Target: core


Type: design


Proposal: Two options need be discussed: Option (1): At the time a Destination-controlled termination gets into effect, a final and accurate Acknowledgement for the entire sequence is sent back. Option (2): After the fault was notified to Source, simply rely on regular termination procedure (either expiration-based, or under Source control, so that the Source can complete its resending of pending messages and get the final acks), meanwhile reject any message for this sequence that exceeds the ending number in case of MessageNumberRollover or LastMessageNumberExceeded.


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