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Subject: NEW ISSUE: an RM Policy applies two-way

Initially, I thought this was a subcase of the granularity issue (i008),

but this seems to be a standing issue by itself.


Title: an RM Policy applies two-way


Description: In WS-RM Policy, and per WS-PolicyAttachment, RM Policy assertions may

be attached to ports. E.g, details of parameters for the resending mechanism.

It is implied by doing so, that both inbound and outbound messages are subject to this policy. This assumes that there is a strong case for in and out messages always using

the same Delivery assurance. In effect this is saying that an RM Policy applies to two Destinations: the destination of the inbound messages, and the destination of the outbound messages (meaning for example to both a WS endpoint and its clients).


Justification: Evidence for such an aggregation of quality of service is unclear: On the contrary, both (a) differences in technical capabilities between Source and Destination, and (b) differences in business and QoS requirements, suggest that a policy (delivery assurance) defined for messages going one direction, may not be appropriate for messages going the other way.


Target: ws-rmpolicy


Type: design


Proposal: Even if the scope of an RM Policy remains at port level there could be an additional scoping attribute stating inbound vs outbound. Yet a cleaner way seems to make use of finer granularity in the attachment (as allowed by WS-PolicyAttachment).


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