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Subject: [ws-rx] POSSIBLE NEW ISSUE: WS-RX policies not manifested on the wire

Issue 9 asks whether WS-RX should define policy assertions to define
various kinds of QoS properties for a message sequence.  This certainly seems
like a good subject for discussion and I don't mean to prejudge how the
WG will decide this.  What worries is something related.

There is a tacit assumption that WS-RX policies will follow WS-Policy
(latest public version Sept. 2004).  This specification does not state
explicitly how to tell whether a message conforms to a particular policy.
The assumption is that one can examine the headers in the message and tell
what policy is being followed.  Thus, the effect of policies is manifested
on the wire.

But neither the suggested QoS assertions nor the existing WS-RX assertion
declares the retry-interval etc. will appear as message headers.  So, how
do we tell what policy is being followed?  Clearly, some other mechanism
is needed.  One way is for messages to carry the URI of the policy they
adhere to.  Another is to define headers in the start-sequence and
sequence-started messages that indicate policy information.  I'm sure 
folks can come up with other good suggestions.

All the best, Ashok

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