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Subject: Re: [ws-rx] NEW ISSUE: Robust recovery from low-resource conditions

I agree that this is an issue that we need to better address. It would 
definitely be useful for enabling flow control at the RMS. I prefer the 
idea of having the RMD explicitly notify the RMS that it is in a 
low-resource situation. Through policies for such events, the RMS could 
suspend, throttle, or even desist entirely from sending transmissions. 
At the same time, the RMD could pursue its own policy for addressing 
continued load under low-resource conditions, so that, combined with the 
appropriate RMS policy w.r.t. the RMD push-back event, Dave's option #2 
could be supported.

Patil, Sanjay wrote:

>  Robust recovery from low-resources conditions. 
>  In situations where the RMD is running low on resources, it may want
>to provide hints to the RMS of its situation with the expectation that
>the RMS pauses or slows down the (re)transmittal of messages and avoid
>further straining of RMD resources until recovery. The current solution
>of statically associating an ExponentialBackoff policy assertion may not
>be timely and sufficient in all the cases and a more dynamic solution
>for throttling the message flow may be needed.
>  In a low-resource situation, it is likely that the RMD would discard
>any incoming messages and stop sending any Acks. Since the current
>protocol design does not provide for the RMS to become cognizant of the
>situation on the RMD side, RMS may simply keep on (re)transmitting
>messages resulting into further resource utilization (network bandwidth,
>processing power on both ends, etc.) and possibly making the situation
>worse. It seems that a better option may be for the RMD to push back on
>the RMS in the event of low-resource like situations and request the RMS
>for pausing or slowing down any (re)transmissions.
>  core
>  RM Protocol to support RMD pushing back on the RMS for slowing down or
>stopping (re)transmission of messages.

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