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Subject: Re: [ws-rx] Unowned issues

Since I raised issues i002 and i003, I would be happy to be the owner.

I'm assuming that the owner is supposed to stimulate discussion on the issue, keep track of the discussion, summarize the discussion/issue on the call, etc, but is not necessarily responsible for generating proposals/resolving the issues (although he/she may). Is that correct?
(Although in the cases above, I would be willing to provide proposals.)

Suggestion for Marc:
In the issue list, can we have a link to the emails in the justification and proposal section. Currently, these two sections contain cut-and-pasted text from the emails. This is helpful in most cases, but sometimes it is necessary to look at the complete email/thread to get the right context.



Marc Goodner wrote:

We need owners for the following issues:



Bilateral sequence negotiation


AckTo EPR and seq lifetime


EPRs and sequence scope


wsa:messageID uniqueness requirments for retransmission


Source resend of nacks messages when ack already received


WSS 1.0/1.1 token support


Sequence port spanning


Anonymous acksTo


Max message number in policy


Is an implementation supporting a smaller max message number valid?


Sequence termination on Fault


Gilbert Pilz has volunteered on the editor list to take i014 – i017.


Personally I’ll volunteer to take i007 will review some the others for potentially volunteering prior to tomorrow’s call. I suggest others do the same.


I propose that we should not allow issues to be accepted any longer without identifying an owner at the same time.



Marc g

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