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ws-rx message

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Subject: FW: [ws-rx] POSSIBLE NEW ISSUE: WS-RX policies not manifested on the wire

Please send issue template.

I'm must say that I'm a bit ticked that a note that has
POSSIBLE NEW ISSUE in the heading gets completely ignored.

All the best, Ashok

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ashok Malhotra [mailto:ashok.malhotra@oracle.com] 
> Sent: Monday, July 25, 2005 2:01 PM
> To: wsrx
> Subject: [ws-rx] POSSIBLE NEW ISSUE: WS-RX policies not 
> manifested on the wire
> Issue 9 asks whether WS-RX should define policy assertions to 
> define various kinds of QoS properties for a message 
> sequence.  This certainly seems like a good subject for 
> discussion and I don't mean to prejudge how the WG will 
> decide this.  What worries is something related.
> There is a tacit assumption that WS-RX policies will follow 
> WS-Policy (latest public version Sept. 2004).  This 
> specification does not state explicitly how to tell whether a 
> message conforms to a particular policy.
> The assumption is that one can examine the headers in the 
> message and tell what policy is being followed.  Thus, the 
> effect of policies is manifested on the wire.
> But neither the suggested QoS assertions nor the existing 
> WS-RX assertion declares the retry-interval etc. will appear 
> as message headers.  So, how do we tell what policy is being 
> followed?  Clearly, some other mechanism is needed.  One way 
> is for messages to carry the URI of the policy they adhere 
> to.  Another is to define headers in the start-sequence and 
> sequence-started messages that indicate policy information.  
> I'm sure folks can come up with other good suggestions.
> All the best, Ashok

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