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Subject: Re: [ws-rx] i0019 - a formal proposal - take 4


A few smaller, potentially editorial questions:

On 01/09/05 06:41, Doug Davis wrote:

>  In the case where the RM Destination wishes to discontinue use of a
>  sequence it may choose to 'close' the sequence itself.  In cases where
>  the RM Destination wishes to generate a Fault but still allow RM 
>  messages (for example, AckRequested) but not allow any new application 
>  messages to be processed it may use the SequenceClosed Fault in place of 
>  SequenceTerminated fault.  Since the SequenceTerminated fault may
>  result in the state information about the sequence to be reclaimed,
>  use of the SequenceClosed fault will allow the RM Source to still
>  retrieve a final and accurate accounting of the state of the sequence.
I find the above fairly difficult to parse.  The choices I see for the 
RMD are to send a <SequenceAcknowledgement/> containing <Final/> or to 
issue a Sequence Closed fault.  The first choice is not covered above.  
The second choice is covered but might be more clear without repeating 
text from elsewhere.  How about:

    In the case where the RM Destination wishes to discontinue use of a
    sequence it may 'close' the sequence itself.  Please see wsrm:Final
    above and the Sequence Closed fault below.

>  When a Sequence is closed and there are messages at the RM Destination   
>  that are waiting for lower-numbered messages to arrive (such as the   
>  case when InOrder and ExactlyOnce delivery assurance is being enforced)  
>  before they can be delivered to the RM Destination's application, the RM 
>  Destination MUST NOT deliver those messages.
The above seems untestable and invisible on the wire.  It also applies 
MUSTs to the RMD to AD interface which go much further than the rest of 
the WS-RM specification, potentially to the detriment of the DA ("almost 
perfect in-order with warnings" anyone?).  A RMD implementation which 
delivers all messages to the AD but clearly identifies the existence of 
gaps should be allowed.  I recommend deleting this paragraph.

>  The following exemplar defines the <wsrm:Closed> syntax:   
>  /wsrm:CloseSequenceResponse
I hope you mean <wsrm:CloseSequenceResponse> on the line above.


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