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Subject: Issue i005

Title: Issue i005

Hi folks,

Sorry about the delay.  I took an action to put forward a new proposal for i005 and after reviewing the meeting minutes and the back and forth on the list, I think that Chris's proposal [1] (reprinted here for convenience) will be sufficient to close this issue. 

An RMD MUST NOT issue a <SequenceAcknowledgement> containing a <Nack> for a message(s) that it has previously acknowledged within an <AcknowledgementRange>.

An RMS SHOULD ignore a <SequenceAcknowledgement> containing a <Nack> for a message(s) that has previously been acknowledged within an <AcknowledgementRange>.

During the discussion I also noted that their currently isn't any wording around what an RMS should do when it receives a NACK.  While this is directly related to this issue at hand, it does not fall under this issue.  I'll raise a separate issue with a proposal that will be based on the discussion we had for i005 so that we can keep the two issues separate and have a better chance of achieving consensus on both issues.


[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ws-rx/200508/msg00255.html

Steve Winkler

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