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Subject: Re: [ws-rx] NEW ISSUE - No indication of how to process NACKs in normalcase

  +1 - although I'd prefer it to be a MUST to be consistent with the text for AckRequested - but since its really up to the RMS to determine when to do it anyway its not a huge thing.

"Winkler, Steve" <steve.winkler@sap.com>

09/06/2005 02:54 PM

[ws-rx] NEW ISSUE - No indication of how to process NACKs in normal case


Here's a description of the new issue I wanted to raise from the discussion of the related issue i005 [1].  

Title: Processing model of NACKs

Description: Although it is assumed that a NACK will trigger retransmission of a given message from the source to the destination there is no wording in the current version of the spec that describes this feature adequately.

Justification: This will clarify to implementers the spriit of the spec by spelling out in more concrete terms what is currently only implied.

Target: Core

Type: Design


Add the following to the spec directly before the text that is incorporated as a resolution to i005:

Upon the receipt of a Nack, an RM Source SHOULD retransmit the message identified by the Nack as soon as possible.


[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/ws-rx/200508/msg00272.html

Steve Winkler


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