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Subject: Re: [ws-rx] NEW ISSUE - No indication of how to process NACKs innormal case


On 07/09/05 09:45, Christopher B Ferris wrote:

>I disagree. 
>A Nack is an optimization of an Ack with gaps, true. However, if the RMD 
>is issuing Nacks
>(it's choice) then to ensure the correctness of the protocol, the RMS MUST 
>retransmit the
>messages, just as it MUST retransmit unacknowledged messages as expressed 
>as a
>SequenceAcknowledgement with more than one AcknowledgementRange elements.
Where is this MUST? I recently searched the existing specification 
document for all instances of MUST and did not come across this one. I 
would appreciate a pointer to the issue or text covering this requirement.


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