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Subject: RE: [ws-rx] Use case discussion

I have no issue with accepting all of the proposed use cases from this
week's agenda and see no reason that discussion is needed on the call
since there has been none on the list. I think a simple motion to accept
all them should suffice.

However, if we are determining charter scope in order to accept issues
then I will need time to review each issue before discussion on the call
and propose deferring this item again until next week to do so. I, and I
believe others, have not spent time reviewing these use cases as they
were not supposed to be evaluated for charter scope before accepting
them. From the original motion to handle use cases: "Initially use cases
will have an undecided scope, and the TC will vote to accept use cases
into the working set". I do not believe that evaluating these for
charter scope during a TC call is in line with the motion that the TC

In fact it is not clear from the motion that charter scope was ever
supposed to be evaluated for these. According to another other part of
the proposal, "The TC will decide whether use cases are in scope or out
of scope for a given version of the specification". It is far too early
to have a discussion on this. Similar to the above I would also object
to discussing this on today's call. We need to progress much further
before any discussion of "versions" makes sense.

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Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 1:28 AM
To: Doug Davis
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Subject: Re: [ws-rx] Use case discussion



Doug Davis wrote:
> Paul/Gil,
>   Sorry for the delay, just finished reading the docs Gil posted and 
> they all seem like valid use-cases to me (and things for the TC to
> about).
> thanks,
> -Doug
> *Paul Fremantle <paul@wso2.com>*
> 09/05/2005 12:03 PM
> Please respond to
> paul
> To
> 	"ws-rx@lists.oasis-open.org" <ws-rx@lists.oasis-open.org>
> cc
> Subject
> 	[ws-rx] Use case discussion
> Folks
> Please remember that Sanjay asked us to initiate discussion of the
> proposed use cases on the email list *before* the Thursday call so
> the meeting time was kept to a minimum.
> Paul
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